Each day is an ARTportunity to to tap into the Sacred and Empowering aspects of Self.  In each and every moment we get to choose how we wish to move inside the auspices of our life!

TAOS (The Alchemy of Self) is an online offering of periodic writings and creatively mindFULL projects carrying the energy for emPOWERing you to move in ways that Honor and Uphold the Highest Expression of your Divinely Inspired Self.  With insights on how you can best engage your life with the practice of transformative intentionality.

It is Christi's belief that health and well be-ing are the predominant energy of the planet and our body's natural state of be-ingness...if...we will just get out of the way, and allow the Divine Energy that infuses and is a part of ALL things to flow into...through...and around us!  She believes that EVERYONE has the ability to THRIVE...no matter the chaos, chatter, or craziness of the larger world.  It is Her heART's true desire, and the basis of Her life work to help others open, align, and then flow...inside the energy of health and well be-ing...while embracing the transformative aspects of Self...that allow us to be emPOWERED and THRIVING inside the auspices of our precious humanly lives!

Alchemy is the intentionally transformative process of change.  Therefore...the posted Awarenesses  and creative projects are for those looking to enhance and deepen their relationship and understanding, of what it means to be truly emPOWERed and aligned, inside the energy that Honors and Upholds...while radiating the light of their Higher Self out...and into the world!

Awarenesses, with creatively mindFULL projects will be posted as Christi is inspired to share.  The cost is $20/per awareness and includes access to a writing showcasing an Alchemical aspect of Self (TAOS)...accompanied by a creatively mindFULL ART project with supply lists, templates, and video lessons! (projects require a minimum of ART supplies and can be completed in a journal, on water color paper, canvases, or cradled hardboard)

You can register and join in the following posted TAOS Awarenesses w/creative project and video lessons below...however...you must FIRST join our on-line site to be able to register (just scroll to the top of this page and click on the Sign Up link on the right)!


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