HeARTlets© Special Order Options

For those of you interested in placing a special order HeARTlet© here are some options to choose from:

Energetically Encoded Words and their meanings:

  • PRONOIA-the belief that everything in the Universe is conspiring to honor and uphold you
  • EIGENGRAU-opening to the vast area of beautyFULL colors that call to you in the darkest of times
  • IRENIA-the promotion and embodiment of peace
  • SOPHROSYNE-a healthy state of be-ingness, characterized by a deep understanding of one's true Self
  • ABRACADABRA-I create what I speak
  • ALETHIOLOGY-the study and practice of truth
  • METANOIA-a transformative journey of changing one's heART, mind, Self or way of be-ing
  • QUERENCIA-a place from where one's personal strength and courage is drawn
  • INSOUCIANCE-free from worry
  • EUDAIMONIA-"human flourishing", a contented state of being happy, healthy, and prosperous
  • STELLIFEROUS-having or abounding with stars, and aligning with the energy that infuses and is a part of ALL things
  • ATARAXIA-the state of being blissFULL, serene, & tranquil
  • SELENOPHILE-to resonate and find comfort in the phases of the Moon
  • QUAINTRELLE- a woman who embodies a life of passion, expressed through her be-ingness and cultivation of life's pleasures
  • FRABJOUS-wonderFULL, elegant, superb
  • HAKUNA MATATA-free from worries for the rest of your days
  • AHH MAZING-a woman who honors and upholds the highest expression of Her Divinely Inspired Self
  • FUCKTASTICAL-a woman who stands proudly in the space of her truth and Authentic Beingness
  • HEARTFULLY-living life with intentional mindFULLness and creativity

Some other ideas for energetically encoded words:  compassion, Self love, tranquility, courage, wellness, oneness, balance, Self care, Wellbeing, Self confidence, prosperity, knowingness, Divinely Inspired, personal power, authenticity

HeARTlets© can be made in any color scheme or combination of color schemes.

If you would like to add a strand of Crystals to help to further energetically charge your HeARTlet© we have the following available: (Additional Pricing for crystal strands will be communicated at the time of order)

  • MOONSTONE-Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings and deep healing.  It vibrates with feminine wisdom and goddess energy.  Moonstone balances the hormones and regulates the cycles of women.  Energetically aligning the wearer with the cyclical nature of all things.  Moonstone is intuitive and calming.
  • LABRADORITE-Labradorite is a highly mystical and protective stone that raises consciousness and brings out the best in those who wear it.  Labradorite protects against unwanted energies, and helps to banish fear and insecurities.  It calms and overactive mind, increases determination, motivation, and attention.
  • GARNET-Garnet is a stone of energy, health, and manifestation.  Helping to balance your emotions and reduce stress and dis-ease.  Garnet protects against those who would speak or act against you.  Garnet helps inspire your deepest creative passions, and energizes one to act upon their heARTfelt inspirations.
  • AMETHYST-Amethyst is an extremely protective stone and helps to neutralize negative energies.  It calms the mind and spirit.  Amethyst helps to facilitate decision making, and balances your emotions, helping with stress and depression.  it is a highly spiritual stone that enhances intuition, meditation, and spirituality.  Helping one to tap into a deeper understanding of life and personal be-ingness.
  • ROSE QUARTZ-Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love and self-esteem.  It opens the heART chakra and dissolves feelings of fear, trauma, and emotional wounding.  Rose Quartz is a stone of love, marriage, and fertility.  It helps to promote peace and tranquility in relationships with others, and especially the relationship with our Higher Self.
  • LAPIS LAZULI-encourages honesty, compassion, Self Awareness, and Self Expression.  It stimulates objectivity, clarity, and creativity.  It is the stone of royalty, inspiring confidence and the speaking of one's truth.
  • SODALITE-provides inspiration and boosts intuition, helping us to more easily connect our spiritual and physical Selves.  It is a good booster for when you are feeling stuck.  Connects you to your Divinely Inspired and Creative Essence.  A stone that promotes peace and tranquility, expanding Spiritual awareness.
  • RED JASPER-Red Jasper is a nurturing, grounding, and healing stone.  It helps to provide support during times of stress by promoting feelings of tranquility and well being, aiding one to bring healthy balance into their lives.  Red Jasper promotes courage to set boundaries and to speak one's truth.  It also helps to ignite the imagination and provide the motivation to move towards your heART's desires.
  • HOWLITE-is a calming stone, that helps to ease stress, anxiety, tension, and insomnia.  It helps to open the mind to receive new awarenesses so can align with the body's natural state of health and well be-ing.
  • RHODOCHROSITE-is a stone of compassion and healing.  Opening the heART, alleviating depression, and supporting one to foster feelings of Self Worth & Self Esteem.  It aligns one withe the energy of ease and well be-ing.  While helping to heal hurts from trauma, shame, and childhood woundings.  A great stone for helping one to open to their Divinely Inspired Gifts.

For additional information or other options...                 please contact Christ at 970-690-0473                                    or by emailing her at queenmaven@yahoo.com


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