Mini Zodiac Cards

I have turned my Monthly Moonstana© cards into mini-pocket sized Zodiac Cards!  Now you can carry the energies of the Zodiac with you!!!  

Cards measure 2" x 3.5" and are double sided.  Each pack contains 12 zodiac cards with specific energies, zodiac glyph, and corresponding sacred element glyph, and a heARTfelt intention for aligning with the energies of that specific zodiac; 4 sacred element cards, with info on the driving energy of each element and their glyph; and a Sun/Moon card that helps to set your intentions for when the Sun/Moon is in the signs!

To order a set of Mini Zodiac Cards, please click on the links below:

1 pack of Mini Zodiac Cards $12

2 packs of Mini Zodiac Cards for $20

***Please indicate on your order form, if you would like to stop into CU to pick up, or if we need to ship to you.  Orders that need to be shipped will be compiled and you will be invoiced for actual shipping charges.  

Shipping charges MUST be paid in FULL prior to sending.


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