Leigheas Lamhan-Energy Healing Sessions

If you are struggling with sadness, disconnection, mental anxiety, a chronic, debilitating, physical malaise or infirmity that keeps you from living your best life possible...and you desire to get your Self on equal footing and welcome healing and balance into your life...then consider scheduling a Leigheas Lamhan Healing Hands session with Christi.

(Leigheas Lamhan is Celtic for Healing Hands)

In these private one on one sessions, Christi mindfully invokes a heARTfelt approach to helping clients move, transform, and activate their own personal emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual healing process.  

By combining the practices of massage, acupressure, and mindful energy clearing techniques... Christi creates a loving and supportive environment...holding space for the client to identify and bring forth quiescent energy, emotions, and mental stasis that manifest in sadness, disconnection, and physical maladies.  Using a heARTfelt, hands on approach...she works to move, transform, and release stagnant energies and emotions that keep the client from living their best life possible.  Clearing out and creating space for practices that honor and uphold the highest expression of the client's Divinely Inspired Self to infuse and take root.

If you are ready to return to your natural emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual state of balance and wellness, and wish to open to more of the power inherent in honoring and upholding your HeART's deepest desires...contact Christi to schedule a Leigheas Lamhan Healing Hands session today!

***Leigheas Lamhan Healing Hands Sessions are 60 minutes in length and can be scheduled by contacting Christi via email at queenmaven@yahoo.com or by calling 970-690-0473.  The fee is $70.  If additional time is required or requested beyond the 60 minute session...the additional fees will be assessed at $1/minute.



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Comment by Ricky Thielen on December 28, 2016 at 4:50pm

I have known & wondered about the hands-on process of healing/therapy for years but never actually experienced it for myself.
Events in my childhood have been a dark cloud hovering over my life (& especially my soul) for the past 50+ years. I've tried to get past it but it has always there, taunting me, causing me pain, shame & anger. It's hard to be positive in such a negative space.
I went into this process hoping to experience a bit of calming, of letting go, a sort of relaxing of my thoughts. I came out feeling calm & relaxed. Which in itself is great! But what I didn't realize right away was that I was free from my torment. The events of my childhood are still dark & painful, but they don't occupy my thoughts as they did. I truly feel lighter.
Thank you isn't enough....


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