HeARTistry #1 Oct 2020

October 2020 HeARTistry© Retreat #1

The ART of SoulFULL Retreating

Friday October 2nd, 2020-Monday October 5th, 2020

Do you find there is a space deep within you that is yearning for something more?  Do you have desires that are burning to be seen, to be nourished, to be coaxed out, and into the arms of your Creative and Authentic Self? Are you ready to THRIVE inside the auspices of your life...no matter the crazy-ness of the outer world???

Then come gather with Christi and a handful of other heART centered gals as she welcomes you into the wonderFILLed auspices of SoulFULL Retreating!

Every aspect of Christi's HeARTistry© Retreats are curated with mindFULL attention, and encourage you to settle into the creative and loving space of your heART!  From the opening circle, to the final SOUL fueled breakfast...when you bid a heARTy "adieu" to your friends, old and new...each and every detail is tended to with great care, and love for the magic that unfolds when women gather under the auspices of heART centered authenticity.

It matters not if you have attended any of Christi's previous creative or mindFULL offerings.  It is of no consequence if you attend alone or come with a friend. ALL are welcomed, ALL are upheld, ALL are invited to heARTfully unfold amidst the auspices of creatively soulFULL retreating!

In addition to the FIRST CLASS accommodations of the cabin, including sleeping arrangements and bright and sunny living areas...the ART space is bright, roomy, and airy. Each creatively mindFULL HeARTista© gets Her very own 6ft table with comfy chair for creating!

All HeARTistas© can expect to receive and participate in the following at Christi's HeARTistry© Retreats:

  • An opening circle-where we pause and clear space for our heART centered unfolding.  Meeting the other HeARTistas©, and mindFULLy setting our intentions for how we desire our weekend to unfold.
  • A morning creatively mindFULL grounding and centering exercise after breakfast, and before we begin our daily creative project.  An exercise, that invites us to pause...and heARTfully set our intentions for the day.
  • Daily heART centered creative projects, where ALL SUPPLIES are provided...INCLUDING an eclectic smattering of ephemera to heART up and personalize your projects.
  • A private 30 minute Leigheas Lamhan© Healing Hands Energy Session with Christi.
  • A Saturday Evening Healing Gong Bath
  • SOUL nourishing meals 3X's a day.  HeARTfully prepared by Christi.  "Meal time is one of my favorite aspects of retreating.  Not only do I get to share my love of cooking with the HeARTistas©...but we all have the ARTportunity to come together and share a little more of our personal stories, thoughts, and history in an informal but relaxed setting."  And please...don't ever think about washing a dish!!!  Christi heARTfully encourages and supports you in opening to the space of RECEIVING during your time of retreat!!!
  • A smattering of heART centered giftings are sprinkled throughout the retreat...reminding HeARTistas© of the importance for taking time to turn within, and tend to the heARTfelt yearnings of your Soul...so you might return home re-newed, re-freshed, and ready to engage your life from the FULLness of your unique and Divinely Inspired Essence!
  • We close each of our retreats, the same way they begin...with a heART centered circle that allows us to reflect on any new awarenesses, while mindFULLy setting our intentions for going forth and invoking our lives with true and authentic HeARTistry©!

All of our HeARTistry Rereats take place in a beautiful mountain setting in a luxurious cabin in Pine, Colorado.  Space is limited to 11 Creatively SoulFULL HeARTista's so be sure to message Christi at queenmaven@yahoo.com or call her at 970-690-0473 to register and pay your $100 deposit to hold your spot!

The Following Sleeping Arrangements are still available for the FIRST WEEKEND of our October 2020 HeARTistry Retreats over the dates of Friday 10/2-Monday 10/5/2020: 

  • Own Queen Sized Bed-Private Room-$675 (0/1 spot)
  • Own Double Bed-Shared Room-$625 (2/3 spots)
  • Share a King Sized Bed-Private Room-$600 (0/2 spots)***This room can be reserved as a Private Single room for a fee of $750
  • Share a King Sized Bed-Shared Room-$575 (2/2 spots)
  • Own Double Bed-Shared Room-$550 (0/2 spots)
  • Queen Sized Futon-Loft Area-$550 (1/1 spots)
***Non-Refundable $100 Deposit is due at the time of registration to hold your spot. 
***1/2 of remaining balance is due on or before 5/30/20
***Balance in FULL is due 8/30/20
(Monthly payment plans can be set up...please contact Christi for details)
Please note that if you cancel within 75 days of scheduled ARTreat
you will forfeit $200 of paid fees. Cancellations within 45 days
of scheduled ARTreat forfeit ALL of paid fees.
Please let us know if you have any dietary needs or restrictions, so that we may plan our meals accordingly. There is a small kitchenette in the ART room...and HeARTista's are welcome to bring their own snacks (this usually ends up being a communal table of sharing) & adult beverages, soft drinks, etc.
If you would like references from past guests and other Creatively MindFULL HeARTista's, let us know and we will put you in touch with them. 
Christi's goal for each of Her HeARTistry© Retreats is that you leave feeling the TRUE effects of retreat...and will have tapped into the deep knowingness of your Divinely Inspired Essence...so you can then carry this wisdom and understanding, out and into, your precious life.  You don't have to stress about what supplies to bring to complete each project (just a short list of your fave tools like paintbrushes, scissors, etc.)...you just arrive and everything is taken care of, including the meals!  You will laugh, create, and make heartfelt connections.

We hope you will join us for a long weekend of creativity, mindfulness, sisterhood, camaraderie, and good times!
To reserve your space, or to get further clarification...
please contact Christi or call 970-690-0473.  
You can read more about our ARTreats and the ARTreat Venue  by visiting the Creativity ARTreat Information Page.


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