Healing Gong Baths

Christi's Healing Gong Baths provide a heARTportunity for participants to relax and open to the ancient wisdom of their Higher Self, as sounds and vibrations from Her 32" Nibiru Planetary Gong help participants to relax, heal, and align with the energetic flow of personal health and well be-ing.

It is said that the Gong is the original instrument of Man, and was created to contain all sounds of the Universe.

The 32"Planetary Nibiru Gong that Christi plays is hand forged, and tuned to the frequency of evolution and enlightenment.  This vibrational frequency allows listeners to open to new awarenesses that originate from deep inside their be-ingness.  The sounds and vibrations emitted from the Gong change the energetic makeup of personal emotions, needs, and desires.  Helping to repair, heal, or release that, which is no longer working in our lives, so we can more easily tap into our higher, balanced, and enlightened Self.  The Nibiru Gong vibrationally resets and balances all of the chakra energy centers with each playing.  It's frequency vibrates at the energy of transition...that place where one can open to enlightening awareness from their Higher Self and use this information to grow and evolve.

Healing Gong Baths are energetic meditations where the sounds and vibrations of the Gong wash over and through you.  Helping one to re-connect to their Higher Self while promoting change on an energetic and cellular level.

The vibrations and sounds experienced during a Healing Gong Bath reduce tension, remove blockages, and help to release old, tired, and worn out ways of thinking and be-ing.  The addition of Healing Gong Baths as part of a regular mindFULLness and Self Care practice, can help one to more easily re-connect to the ancient wisdom that lies deep within the inner recesses of their be-ingness.  Infusing life with a sense of peace, connectivity, and alignment with All That Is.  An energetic massage for your mind, body, and Soul!


Christi is currently offering the following heARTportunities for experiencing the transformational energies of Her Healing Gong Baths in the company of other heART centered women.  Each Healing Gong bath is limited to 6 participants.  All Healing Gong Baths are held inside the auspices of the ASPOGU room at The Creative Underground.  Parking and entrance at back of main building.  Please click on the highlighted links to register and reserve your space.

 If you wish to schedule a private Gong Bath with a male partner(s) or friend(s), please contact Christi.


Space for each Gong Bath is limited to 6 heART centered individuals (please check to see if it is a women's only event, or if it is open to both men and women).  You MUST register and prepay to reserve your space.  Our Gong Bath's sell out so be sure to register early!!! 

Covid-19 update...because it is my belief that health and well be-ing are the predominant energy of our planet and an eternal aspect of our personal be-ingness, I am going to continue offering Healing Gong Baths at The Creative Underground.  It is my intention to help lift others, by continuing to create opportunities for infusing participants inside the energy of their own sacred wisdom.  Helping them to balance and open their energy meridians which are an essential aspect in the facilitation of health and well be-ing.

Gong Baths at The Creative Underground are small in nature...2-6people max.  And I ALWAYS clean, wash, and disinfect the room, blankets, sheets, bolsters, and pillows after each and every Gong Bath.  

For those who are symptom free, I encourage you to continue thoughtfully engaging in practices that help you stay aligned, inside the auspices of Self-Care, and help you to facilitate your body's own resources for maximal states of health and well be-ing.

Full Moon Orenda

Full Moons shine a light on those parts of our Selves in need of more acceptance, compassion, and love...so we might bring them out into the light of Self Awareness where they can be healed and then transformed for your Highest and Best Good.  

The Full Moon Orenda Healing Gong Bath occurs sometime during the energetic auspices of each Full Moon.  And is designed to help you relax as you open to the mystical force (Orenda) deep inside your Self.  The healing sounds and vibrations of the Gong played during The Full Moon Orenda empower participants on a subconscious and cellular level to open to more of their own Sacred Wisdom, compassion, and love, so they can fully embody the Highest Aspiration of their Divinely Inspired Essence!

Join us to experience a Full Moon Orenda by registering for the following dates:

LaLuna Fortuna

Scheduled on the day/days immediately preceding each New Moon, which are an energetic time period for letting go and releasing that which no longer serves your Highest and Best Good...so on the eve of the New Moon, you have cleared out space to welcome in that which you wish for your Self on all levels emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual.

The LaLuna Fortuna Gong Bath is a more intense experience of the sounds and vibrations from the Nibiru Gong.  Designed to round up and move out stuck energies that manifest as dis-ease, dis-connection, and depression... so you can more easily create space for setting your heARTfelt intentions and welcoming in those things that honor and uphold your heART's true desires.

Join us to experience a La Luna Fortuna by registering for the following dates:


Ataraxia-(noun) a state of blissful and serene calmness

Allow your Self to relax amidst the other worldly sounds of the Gong as the gentle vibrations wash through and around you.  This vibrational healing bath is designed to help you re-connect and re-align with your body's natural state of health and well be-ing.  Transporting you to a state of inner peace, as you rest inside the serene auspices of your own blissFULL be-ingness.

Join us to experience an Ataraxia Healing Gong Bath by registering on the following dates:

(Click on the above links to view dates and register for the Next Healing Gong Bath of your choosing!)

Participants of Christi's Gong Healing Baths report feeling less anxious, more calm and centered, slower to anger, and deep restful sleeping patterns...after having attended! What a great practice to add to your health and well be-ing regimen! Cancellations within 48 hours of scheduled Gong Bath forfeit all of paid fees.

To purchase a Healing Gong Bath as a gift for someone special please contact Christi at queenmaven@yahoo.com.  She will then be able to discuss payment and delivery of gift notification with you!


How to prepare for your Healing Gong Bath:

Be sure to drink lots of water the days before your scheduled Gong Bath.  Because we are enacting change at a vibrational and cellular level, it is important to be well hydrated!

Wear comfortable clothing.  You are encouraged to dress in layers.  There are some people that report feeling cold during a Gong Bath, while others report feeling hot, and then there are those that experience no change in temperature.  Layers can help you achieve optimal comfort so you can relax into the sounds and vibrations of the Gong.  Allowing them to effortlessly transport you to a state of Higher Consciousness.

Bring a pillow and a blanket...and any other items you wish to have assist you in resting in a comfortable, reclined position on your back.  Couches and Cushioned Mats-which are available on a first come first serve basis-will be covered with sheets and there are extra blankets available for rolling up under legs, hips, etc.  If you wish to lie upon a singular yoga mat, or want to bring your own padded mat...please let Christi know before your arrival.

You are also welcome to bring any crystals, altar, or prayer items to be bathed in the healing vibrations of the Gong Bath.

What to expect when you arrive for your Healing Gong Bath:

Healing Gong Baths at The Creative Underground are limited to 6 participants that will lie on one of 4 cushioned sofas, or one of 2 cushioned floor spots.  Each Gong Bath, including opening and closing rituals, lasts approximately 90 minutes.  We encourage you to approach your Healing Gong Bath with an open heART...understanding that each person's experience will be uniquely their own and is singularly guided by the Sacred Wisdom of their own Higher Self.

Christi will greet and allow you to settle into the Sacred Space of the ASPOGU room as participants arrive.  You will leave shoes and phones (placed in airplane or silent mode) outside of the ASPOGU room.  After all registered participants have arrived, the main door to the building will be locked.  Please plan on arriving at least 5 to 15 minutes before scheduled Gong Bath, as we lock the door and start on the scheduled hour-no exceptions!   We wish to honor the valuable time that each has carved out for this Self Care experience.  Arriving 5-15 minutes early will give you time to prepare your spot and settle into the Sacred space of the ASPOGU room.

Once settled, Christi will then speak about what to expect upon experiencing your specific Healing Gong Bath. (please do speak with or contact her before hand with any questions or concerns).  Once all questions have been answered, she will guide you through a ceremonial Self Care ritual designed to help activate and open your emotional and energetic meridians...using essential oils (please let us know if you have any allergies or sensitivities) and heated cloths.  You will then quietly lie back and settle into your space as she begins the Healing Melodies of our Gong Bath with a short guided meditation and sung prayer.  The actual playing of the Gong lasts from 45-55 minutes.

When the last vibration has ceased to ring...Christi will gently guide you back into the space of your consciousness, and will guide you through a closing ritual designed to ground you in the transformational energies of your Gong Bath Experience.

Participants are encouraged to NOT speak with others about their Healing Gong Bath experience for the first 12 hours following their Gong Bath.  Talking, justifying, or defending your experience...is the quickest way to stop the vibrational and healing energy that has been activated inside your be-ingness.  However, we do encourage you to do some journaling and personal writing during the hours and days following your Healing Gong Bath. This is a wonderful way to help clarify and process your experience on a personal and spiritual level.   Trust me, when I say it is important to allow your Self the time for infusing and assimilating to the energetic changes that have been activated!

What to expect during your Healing Gong Bath:

Each Healing Gong Bath has been heARTfully composed by Christi to invoke or promote a specific transformational experience.  While the LaLuna Fortuna Gong Bath is more intense...all of her Healing Gong Baths are designed to help you release resistance and open to the wisdom and messages of your Higher Self, so you can let go of what no longer serves your highest and best good on all levels emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual.  Creating the necessary space for re-aligning and re-connecting to your natural state of health and well be-ing.

It is not uncommon for participants to experience intense and poignant emotions of anger, sadness, mirth, or merriment during the actual Gong Bath.  Crying and laughter are all common parts of the experience.  Please do not try to hold these spontaneous displays of emotion from happening.  Allow your Self to go with the flow...the vibrations of the Gong are intended to provoke, clear out, and move you in whatever ways your Higher Self is calling.  The ASPOGU room is A Sacred Place Of Gentle Unfolding and each person's experience is honored and upheld with the most heART felt of intentions.

You may find that parts of your vibrational Gong Bath are very intense (especially if you are participating in the LaLuna Fortuna!)...Don't panic!  Allow your Self to identify your dis-comfort and then reconnect to your breath and allow the vibrations from the Gong to continue to wash over and through you.  Allow any anxiety to mindFULLy float away on your out breath as you continue to breathe with intentionality through the dis-comfort. Intensity felt inside your physical and mental body is a sign of stuck energy...and the purpose of the Gong is to help you move and clear out your energy meridians and re-align your chakras so you can best embody optimal states of health and well be-ing.

What to expect after your Healing Gong Bath:

You will undoubtedly be thirsty for the first 24-72 hours following your Gong Bath.  This is because the vibrational sound waves of the Gong are working to re-align themselves at a cellular level.  Your body's Higher Self is clearing out stuck energies and re-aligning your energy meridians...and this is transformational work at a spiritual as well as a physical level!

Water bottles will be available immediately before and after your gong bath.  You are encouraged to drink lots of water and to create space for rest and gentle be-ingness the hours immediately following your Healing Gong Bath.  Naps are a great form of Self Care and are heARTfully encouraged the days following!

Be gentle on your Self the days immediately following your Healing Gong Bath, as your emotions may be tender and heightened.   Cellular and spiritual transformation can leave you feeling vulnerable.  However, your heART is a muscle that needs to be acknowledged and exercised!  And the more you exercise your mindFULLness muscles and open to your heART space... the better you will be at navigating your world from a place that honors and upholds your Divinely Inspired Essence!

You may or may not be aware of changes in your emotional, physical, or mental body immediately following your Gong Bath...and that is OK!  You ARE changing at a spiritual and cellular level...the results of which may not show them selves to you until days or weeks later.

And please know...that Christi is always available to schedule a private Anam Cara or Leigheas Lamhan energy healing or coaching session if you wish to dive deeper into any awarenesses or realizations that come up for you following your Healing Gong Bath!

Want to schedule a private Gong Bath for your group or event???  Please contact Christi at 970-690-0473.

What participants have to say after experiencing one of Christi's Healing Gong Baths:

"This was a Soul Body experience!"  MW

"I thought is was wonderful..  I enjoyed all of the thoughtful personal touches & little details that were a part of the experience.  I didn't know that a Gong could make all of those wonderful & weird sounds, how cool! ...AMAZING!"  EB

"The warm cloths were an 'amazing treat'...'WOW' -'SUPER COOL'. I have felt wonderful (since experiencing my first Healing Gong Bath).JG

"I LOVED IT.  You’re wonderful and your instincts on how to pull all the parts together are spot on!  I just loved it.  I will also say that I enjoyed it much more than the larger places where I’ve experienced a Gong bath.  I swear the vibrations were much more evident… that I could hear/feel each sound for much longer." LN

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