2018-A Year of HeARTfully Crafted MindFULLness


2018-A Year of HeARTfully Crafted MindFULLness

This online course unfolds weekly, as each Saturday I share a personal writing on mindFULLness, and my thoughts for embodying a practice that helps you to heARTfully honor and uphold the highest expression of your Divinely Inspired Self.  During 2018, my writings will center around a concept that helps each of us tap into our heART's deepest desires and what it is that we wish to shine out, and into the world.  The weekly writings will then be accompanied by a HeART centered creation that will be mindFULLy housed inside an altered matchbox.  

The weekly creative projects and talismans, are meant to serve as reminders for staying true to our practice of mindFULLness and can be worn, hung, or otherwise used to adorn your personal, work, or altar spaces when not lovingly housed inside their altered matchboxes.  We will then assemble the weekly altered matchboxes into a tower dedicated to our ongoing practice of mindFULLness.  A practice, which encourages us to make choices that honor and uphold our Divinely Inspired Selves!  Pictures of the weekly projects will be accompanied by a short video lesson or printable pdf files...so you can follow along and replicate the creations!  This year long course is like getting a weekly mixed-media ART lesson wrapped inside a mindFULLness devotional! 

Creativity has always been the one thing I could return to again and again...that thing...which allowed me to settle into my own personal place of be-ingness...that place... where I could rest and be comforted in the gentle arms of my own Sacred Self...a practice...where I could open my heART...      W I D E...and create space for intentional mindFULLness to unfold and infuse...and it is my desire to continue sharing that practice with all of you!  

At the beginning of our time together...you will receive 8 bonus video lessons...detailing the beginning construction of our HeART centered Tower.  We will then be adding the additional layers and elements of the tower as we work our way through the year.  Each Saturday throughout the entirety of 2018 I will post and share my weekly writings, creative projects, video lessons, and pdf files.  We will have 4-12 Week Sessions...with a 1 Week break inbetween each session. Group members will receive a weekly email notification of the heART centered mindFULLness writing, creative project, video lesson and accompanying pdf files and supply lists.  

These writings, projects, directions, and video lessons will be available to read and view at your own leisure and convenience throughout the entirety of 2018 and beyond.  (Please note that you will be able to visit them again and again).  At the end of our year together... you will have amassed a year's worth of writings on invoking the practice of mindFULLness...and will have crafted a HeARTfully MindFULL tower of reminders, adornments, and talismans...all beautifully rendered and stacked in a monument to honoring and upholding the Highest Expression of Your Divinely Inspired Self!

My weekly writings and heARTfully crafted projects, will be a sharing of my own personal thoughts, struggles, and processes on living a life of HeARTfelt MindFULLness....and through this sharing...it is my desire that you will then open your own HeART's to the idea of HeARTfully Crafted MindFULLness, and will join me in cultivating these practices into your own Divinely Inspired Life!

I look forward to gathering with you in 2018!


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