Ok…so I’m still here…I’ve made it to Day 3 of the challenge set out by my mentor…whom I think I will start referring to as the Divine Ms. M!…and the ground hasn’t opened up and swallowed me…I haven’t been stoned outside my door…and the beautiful sliver of the New Moon set in the south last evening…and the sun rose again this morning…and I am a little less scared…and a little less doubtful…about using my voice to speak my truth…so that all of you reading this…will take on this challenge for yourselves…and practice the art of playing bigger…by speaking your truths and bringing forth your gifts to share with the world.

I know how hard it is to declare to the world that thing that resides deep inside your soul…that little voice that demands to be heard, to be seen, to be valued…but don’t you get…it is the one thing we MUST do???  We must stop silencing our voices,  and start sharing our gifts…for in the silencing…we allow others to speak for us…to decide for us…to determine our fate…and in turn the fate of humanity.  I say no more!  I have a voice…I have an opinion…I have walked around the block…I have been knocked down, beat up, trampled upon and then thrown out with the proverbial garbage…and I am done with that.  I matter…my voice matters…and so do you…and so does your voice!

But how do we do this…where do we start?  I say we just begin…we start with where we are…right here, right now, in this very space and time.  I challenge you to get out a pen and paper…and make a list of your truths and your beliefs…not what others tell you to believe or to be true…but what you KNOW from deep down inside your soul…just write…don’t censure it…don’t worry about what jane doe or joe blow will think…we have to start now with honoring ourselves and we do that by allowing our voices to speak in a way that declares our truths! 

Here is my list of things I believe to be true:

 *I believe its up to us women to change the world.

*We may be the fairer sex, but we definitely are not the weaker sex.

*The world could use a lot more compassion and love.

*I believe we are spiritual beings trying to navigate a human experience.

*I believe that motherhood is the hardest job on earth.

*Marriage is the 2nd hardest job on earth…and staying happily married is even harder

*I believe that morality and integrity need to be embraced as the most honorable characteristics a person can embody.

*I’m scared for Humanity…I think we have lost our way.

*I cry every time I go see the Hoover Dam…can you believe it was built during the depression and was finished 2 years ahead of schedule? 

*I’m saddened that we have traded being a society of doers and have instead become a society of what-can-you-do-for-me-ers.

*I believe that conversation, discourse, and coming together in a way where all parties are heard and all parties have a chance to speak…is the only way to move forward and unite as people inhabiting this one great planet.

*My most prized possessions are hand written notes from my children, my husband, and my friends.

*I believe that life is a gift…and we should treat it that way.

*Things don’t matter…people matter.

*If you broke it, fix it…if you owe it, pay for it…if you took it out, put it away…if you did wrong, apologize…if you have lost your way, stop and ask for help…if you have something to say, speak up…if someone gives you their hand, reach out and grab it…if you love someone, tell them.

*Laughter can heal most anything.

*There’s a lot to be said for sometimes saying nothing and instead biting your tongue.

*Tears mend the heart and cleanse the soul.

*Forgiveness is more about doing something for yourself than the person you are forgiving.

*There’s nothing better than having your 25 year old daughter call you Mama or have your 21 year old son tell you he likes you because you’re different.

*Our mothers as well as our daughters need our patience, our compassion, and our unconditional love.

*Riding on a motorcycle lifts the spirits.

*I like doing my art on the cutting mat my Paternal Grandmother used…it makes me feel like she has a hand in my creativity. (if you are a part of the on-line journaling group-you can see where she signed her name on the mat).

*Rocks are magical…they are comprised of all 4 sacred elements…wind, fire, earth, and water…there’s great power and beauty in that!

* I find heart shaped rocks everywhere and have piles of them throughout my home and in my sacred places at the store…they are like special messages straight from the Great Creator to keep going…a reminder to me that someone bigger than myself has my back.

*Creativity is a natural state of the soul…and everyone is creative in her own right…you just need to stop long enough to allow your creative self to come forth.

*Everyone has experienced shame, everyone has been hurt…I believe it is through our brokenness that we most deeply connect.

*You can never really know another person’s story…or the depth of their pain…their shame…or their loneliness…so extending love to everyone is a matter of personal grace and is non-negotiable.

*I like to walk to the edge…flail my arms around wildly…then turn around and enjoy the scenic way down.

*Every time I see a penny on the ground…I stop and pick it up…I believe it is my maternal Grandfather letting me know he is walking beside me…

*I believe you should always do and be your best cause you never know who is watching.

*Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.

*Through the Divinity in me I recognize the Divinity in YOU!


Ok…that’s my list.  This list covers my personal truths where I sit…right now…at this very moment in time.  Who wants to join me by openly declaring their truths and allowing their voice to come forth?  Come on…I dare you!


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I think you are very articulate in the manner in which you express your personal truths!! Bravo!! The list is fan-tab-u-lous. I am in the process of constructing my personal list, as well, but I will share a few "truths" that I believe to be true:

* We are each responsible for about 85% of what happens in our lives. We cannot control our genetics, some of our health issues, and our family and friend's misfortunes. Don't dwell on that 15% over which we have little or no control.

* If you are not happy with your life, do not blame others. Look in the mirror and you will see the one and only person who can make it change. I actually have lived that philosophy way before Michael Jackson sang the song, "Man in the Mirror".....Honest.

* Don't be so hard on yourself! We're all human, we make mistakes.

*Looking at the past should teach you how to change your present so you can have a more fulfilling future.

I think "Things I Believe to be True" could be a good journal exercise--a page for each statement, a book you will cherish and re-read.

P.S. No date on any of these posts or comments, so I will add my own.

Love Ya!

Judy Holzwart


This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"

"For what it's worth, it's never too late, or in my case too early, to be whoever you want to be. There is no time limit. Stop whenever you want. You can change or stay the same. There are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you can make the best of it. I hope you see things that stop you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a life you are proud of. If you find that you're not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again."

Love you MAMA :)

- Cass



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