As part of my own on-going work and the challenge that continues to be set before me by my mentor...I want to talk to you about being mindful and welcoming the cycles of the Moon and the movement of the sun....oooohhhh...scarey huh?  Now before you go running from the room and unsubscribing from this site...I want you to take a moment and open up your heart space...breathe deeply...and re-lease any fears or statements of judgment that are flowing rapidly in your mind... ir pounding in your chest...Seriously...hear me out...

Did you know that women and men for that matter have been celebrating the cycles of the moon since the beginning of time?  Many societies operated according to the waxing and waning cycles es of the moon and the phases of the sun...practices which still exist in many cultures today., including ours!   Think of the farmer that plants vegetables that grow below the surface of the earth in the dark phases of the moon...or plants vegetables that grow above the surface of the earth during the light phase of the moon.  How about the celebration of Easter which occurs on the first Sunday following the first Full Moon after the vernal or spring equinox.  See...not so crazy...or out there.

As such, I truly believe that we women are closely connected to the cycles of the moon and the sun...and for me personally, I find that by being mindful of the moon and her helps to reconnect and ground my beingness into something bigger and something more.  I love that each New Moon provides me with an opportunity to state my intentions of what I want to focus on in all areas mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual for the next 28 days.  That the day before each New Moon is set aside for mindfully banishing that which no longer serves me on my path towards wholeness, healing, and authenticity.  And that the Full Moon gives me a moment to pause, reconnect, and remind myself of that which I am wanting to bring into my lifeand how I am wanting to move forward on my path.

The Moon and her phases doesn't have to be scarey or anti-anything...they are all inclusive and can serve as a universal gentle reminder that we are all apart of something more...something universal...and can re-c0nnect to our human-ness by being mindful of the moon and what it represents as we work to better ourselves and deepen our commitment to sharing our gifts with a world that is so desperately in need of a common heart felt connection with one another.

And so...if this speaks to you in any way...I encourage you to read the post below that I penned for the Mindfulness, Musings, and The Moon group.  And if after reading this post...something in your soul and your spirit has been stirred...I invite you to come join us over at the Mindfulness, Musings, and The Moon Group.  If not, no worries...we all have different things that speak to us, motivate us, and lift us up...all I am asking is that we embrace everyone, no matter where they sit on their paths, and no matter the direction of their journey.

Have a great day everyone!


Tomorrow finds us with the New Moon in Scorpio and a Solar Eclipse!  Solar eclipses carry an intense charge of energies, and with this New Moon in Scorpio the energies are concentrated on our internal heart felt emotions and soul work.

Tomorrow's  New Moon is associated with exhaustive change, imploring you to surrender to the wisdom that has been pouring forth from your soul, and actively moving to heal any toxic water that has been plaguing you in your heart and soul space.  It is a critical time to evaluate if you are on your path of wholeness, healing, and authenticity...slow down...stop...and surrender to the craziness and distractions that plague your life.  Set aside time to process the messages that have been flowing from your soul.  Clear your calendars and your life from ALL distractions...these may be presenting themselves in the form of toxic or outworn relationships, activities, and commitments that keep you locked in old ways of being that prohibit you from moving forward on your path and living out your true heart's desire.

When you make time for sitting with yourself, you can allow your old defenses and self-sabotaging messages to cease...and cleanse that which has been keeping you unbalanced and unhealthy.  Take an honest look at your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self and make the critical decision as to whether or not you are in alignment and balance on a whole and soulful level.  How is your weight?  Your physical aches and pains?  Have you been feeling distracted, unfocused, and out of sorts?  Are you desperate for something more and meaningful to fill your heart space?  How has your prayer/meditation/mindfulness practice been going?

Any signs of un-healthiness in any of the four areas of physical, mental, emotion, and spiritual well being, speaks to your need to do the work...the hard and soulful work of discovering what it is inside of you that is in need of healing.  Stop ruminating on the what ifs and if onlys...and spend your energy cleansing and tending to your soul...take a walk...soak in a hot bath...slow down...give yourself the time and the space to do this necessary and much needed soul work. 

I know I have been talking about this for many months now...but it is truly time for us to come to our own aid...and act as our own best advocate and mentor.  It is time for us to stop with the untruths that we continually feed ourselves...and to instead, acknowledge that which needs to be mended and healed. The world needs for us to come together as a human race...but in order to gather at a heart level with others...we must first be able to gather at a heart level with ourselves! 

Because tomorrow is a New Moon and a time for stating your intentions for the next 28 days...the day pre-ceeding each New Moon is a Banishing Day and a time for mindfully ridding yourself of the toxic relationships, activities, self talk, and ways of being that no longer serve you on your path towards wholeness, healing, and authenticity.  Be mindful, and write that which you wish to ban from your life on a piece of paper...then spend time this evening burning that paper and committing to the release of all that holds you back from wholeness and soulful wellness.

And then tomorrow...wake up and make a list of the things you intend to do that will propel you forward on your path and will set you on a course for mending and healing your heartspace.

The energies associated with this New Moon are:  emotional healing, releasing the past, enlightenment, selfless desire, passion, and spirituality.

Let's really re-commit to ourselves and move forward in a way that heals our heart spaces and allows our authentic Spirit given gifts to manifest and shine in this world!

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