Hello All You Creative Souls!

It's a great weekend here in Fort Collins, Colorado for getting our create on...as well as an opportunity to think about gratitude!  So my challenge to you is...

*take a " creative photo" that represent gratitude

*then click on the *my page tab on the tool bar at the top of this group (which will take you to your personal page)

*hover over the photo icon

*then click on the *change photo box that pops up

*and up load your creative photo representation of gratitude as your icon picture. 

Then when my daughter comes home for Thanksgiving...I will have her choose the most creative representation of gratitude and that person will win one of my handmade ART Journals!

Ok...you CAN do this!  If I can change out my personal icon photo...I know you can too...if not, call me up on the phone-970-419-3186 and I will walk you through it...come on...I challenge you!  You have until Thanksgiving day to work on this!

Happy photo taking and thinking about gratitude!


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I changed my profile pic. It is not what some would think as creative. However it is what I'm gratefull every single day. My two children are my greatest creations. I know that sound cliche. My husband has been there for me through the good times and the bad. And without him I would not have these two children. They are half of  him. My 3 legged black dog is my 3rd child.

I've uploaded a photo of my "I Love You" bean that I grew on my kitchen windowsill.  I feel so fortunate to have such wonderful people in my life who I love so much (and they love me back!).  I truly feel that love, given and received, is a very precious gift.   This Creative Gratitude Challenge is such a lovely idea <3

The winner of our Creativity Gratitude Challenge is...well...we actually have 2 winners...it was a close call...so between my daughter and myself we decided to go ahead and name 2 people as winners of our Creativity Gratitude Challenge...and they are Joanna Urbani and Nancy Schiller!  Congratulations ladies!   You can click on their names to go view their Creativity Gratitude Icon Pictures.  Each of you will be the recipient of one of my Handmade ART Journals! 

Please contact me via this site and let me know your snail mail addresses as well as your favorite colors and maybe a theme or two that you are interested in...and I will craft you a personal ART journal this week!

Thanks to everyone that participated...and for those that wanted to, but the time just got away from you...stay tuned in the New Year for more ARTful opportunities to participate in one of my challenges.

Enjoy your week!


Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!  Thank you so much Christi - I've just messaged you!


Here is a picture of the ARTful Journal I made for Joanna Urbani, who was one of the winners of the Creative Gratitude Challenge.  I hope you enjoy it Joanna!  Please let me know when it has safely arrived over there on your side of the ocean!



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