This swap is limited to the first 24 signer uppers.  Each person will complete 24 pieces of ART.  The fee to participate is $24. If we will be mailing the final project to you there is an additional $15 mailing fee.  If you reside outside the United States you will pay the actual cost of shipping. The details for participation are as follows:

  • You will pick a color of crayon from the list below.  These colors come from the Crayola box of 24 crayons.  You will receive your color choice on a first come first serve basis based on your request and the receipt of payment of your $24 fee.
  • Each person will complete 24 pieces of ARTwork of your chosen design or style with the theme of your color choice...that will measure 5"wide by 3" high (the size of an index card) on an actual 3x5 index card or piece of card stock.
  • The art can be a color copy of the original ARTwork mounted on the card stock or index card.
  • Each card will have a tab at the top (either left, center, or right) as indicated by the color choice which will state the name of the crayon color on it.(see pic sample below)
  • You must use the crayon color chosen somewhere in your original piece of ART.
  • All 24 pieces of ARTwork must have an original piece of flat ephemera on them...such as a die cut, decorative paper, decorative tape, etc.  if you have questions about this...please contact Christi.
  • The front of your card will be the ARTwork copy, with tab naming the crayon color choice, and the piece(s) of ephemera.
  • The back of card will contain your contact information.
  • All swap pieces are due here at The Creative Underground on or before Sept. 30th, 2014.
  • Please be mindful of using the appropriate types of glue and a high quality color copy for your pieces.

Once I have received everyone's pieces...I will then assemble them into a fun and ARTful finished project which you will then receive that contains one piece from each person's ART of their chosen color.

The color choices available are listed below:   ***Please note that this swap is filled at this time.  Stay tuned and join us for our next swap which will be announced sometime in Oct/Nov!

  • Apricot-left tab   Linda Sanders
  • Black-center tab   Julie Keeler
  • Brown-right tab   Liz Rowley
  • Blue-left tab   Nancy Schiller
  • Blue Green-center tab   Mary Michelle
  • Blue Violet-right tab   Lisa Nelson
  • Carnation Pink-left tab   Edna Willett
  • Cerulean-center tab   Ricky Thielen
  • Dandelion-right tab   Meghan Bardwell
  • Gray-left tab   Sondra Jo Hendy
  • Green-center tab   Christi Wich
  • Green Yellow-right tab   Kelsi Andersson
  • Indigo-left tab   Susan Wachob
  • Orange-center tab  Katie Seiffertt
  • Red-right tab   Kathy Callard
  • Red Orange-left tab   Lori Winter
  • Red Violet-center tab   Jill Cunniff
  • Scarlet-right tab   Janice Benham
  • Violet-left tab   Inara Rudmanis
  • Violet Red-center tab   Angela Crandall
  • White-right tab   Becky Bunn
  • Yellow-left tab   Erin Ottlinger
  • Yellow Green-center tab   Cecilia Tomasel
  • Yellow Orange-right tab   Sylvia Waterson

To register and pay for your spot...and will not require shipping please visit pay pal here.   If you will require shipping inside the United States visit pay pal here.Where you will be able to list your top three color choices.  I will notify you immediately upon receipt of your payment your color assignment. If you live outside of the United States but wish to participate send me an email with your color requests to and I will contact you personally.  Should you have any questions regarding this swap, be sure to email or call me at 970-419-3186.

Your ARTful Swap pieces should be sent to:  The Creative Underground, 1636 S College Avenue, Fort Collins, CO  80525.

I'm looking forward to your creations!


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Quick questions - 

1. can the artwork extend off the edge of the 3x5 card?

2. can the artwork be dimensional at all (ie a button or do-dad embellishment?)


I would prefer that things do NOT extend off the edge of the 3x5 card except for the tab.

And YES you can do an button or do-dad embellishment.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Ok. Sounds good. Thank you!!



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