This past weekend was my annual September Creativity ARTreat...and boy do I need a nap!  We etched...we rubbed...we faux name it...if it had to do with metal we altered and created with it in some way!  Not to mention that we laughed...some of us cried...we ate...we ate some more...and we danced the night away...sometimes to music of our own making! It was simply a wonderfully gorgeous weekend nestled in the ARTroom of the fantabulous mountain home in Pine!

I was so impressed with the ARTistic creations of everyone that communed for our September ladies are really pushing me...and I am going to have to rack my brain for future ideas to keep you inspired and that push you forward as you grow along your creative pathways!  As always, I am truly humbled by the fantastical ART that comes out of these weekends together!  Thanks to everyone that shared it with me and to Sharon for keeping us nourished and amply fed!


***If you are interested in finding out more about my Creativity ARTreats...go to the *creativity artreats* tab and click on it.  Here you will find information on how my ALL INCLUSIVE ARTreats work...and yes, we still have a couple of open spots for my October 2012 ARTreat.  You can view details of available slots by clicking on the ARTReats tab and then clicking on the *oct 2012 artreat* button.  If all else fails, or you simply must have additional me at 970419-3186 or shoot me a message and we can correspond!

Toodle-dee doo!

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This is a post from ARTreat attendee and group member Kathy Callard that she posted on our yahoo group...I am reposting it here (without her prior permission-please forgive me Kathy ;-):

Christi, once again you have outdone yourself. The September ARTreat was
awesome. It was a busy and fun weekend working with metals,learning new
techniques, arting, laughter, fellowship, and dancing the night away at the
Bucksnort Saloon. I am so glad I was able to attend, and hope I am able to
return next September. If anyone is considering attending the October ARTreat, I
encourage you to sign up. You won't regret it!

Kathy Callard, Rolling Meadows. Illinois



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