I am happy to report that just this very minute I finished sewing the last of
the 17 Transformational ART Quilts for our Swap this past summer. The way this
swap worked was each person was to create 17- 5x5 inch squares depicting their
idea of Transformation.

As is becoming more and more common with our swaps...many of the pieces arrived
after the due date, which of course set back my completion of the
project...being a detail-schedule-adhering individual...this did not do much to
help with my disposition. As the quilt pieces were arriving it was becoming
more and more clear to me that my original idea for putting the pieces together
in the form of a traditional quilt was not going to work...which of course
gnawed on the set-in-stone-non-compromising part of my personality.

As I set about the task to figure out a new way to assemble the pieces together
into a finished piece...I felt myself becoming more and more stressed and
despondent...the first quilt I put together just wasn't fitting my original
vision of what I wanted our "ART" quilt to be...so I kept adding more
details...until I finally arrived at what I "thought" would be an acceptable
compilation...the problem...it took me 12 plus hours of working on just this one
quilt! Yikes! And I had 16 more to go!

At this rate, I thought, I will NEVER finish these quilts. It was now 2 months
past the original due date for the quilt pieces and I found myself occupied with
the final preparations for my September and October Creativity ARTreats, and the
subsequent recovery from these same ARTreats. Each day I would go out back to
my little creative "cozy cottage" and wearily set about the task of assembling,
ironing, placing,  and sewing the quilts together. Hours turned into days, days
turned into weeks...

I found myself to be further distressed by my bad attitude in regards to
finishing the quilts...and decided to give myself an attitude adjustment...I
told myself, "it is what it is. the quilts will get done in good time.  What is
important is that as you sew these quilts you put all your positive energy into
them, and you can do this by focusing on transformation and what transformation
means to you as you sew".

Well at that point, transformation meant changing my attitude. So each day I
went out back and allowed myself to be fully present to the sewing...to making
sure that each quilt piece was placed just right...and as I sewed, I pondered
each piece, over and over again...I thought of how they were so very
representative of their creators, how much time and energy each woman put into
making her collection of quilt squares, how lucky I was to be surrounded by such
creative women...and then I got to thinking about the women that kept coming in
and seeing the quilts as I sewed...the women who did not participate in the
swap...and how they wished they had signed up...but just didn't have the time
for creating or were scared that their contributions would not live up to the

This got me to thinking about creativity, and how we women are organically
creative beings, and how sad it is that we often fail to recognize ourselves as
such...or we allow the societal dictates to determine what is honored as
creativity and what is not. I ran inside and got my little "idea" book and
started writing my thoughts on transformation, creativity, and abundance...and
before I knew it...I knew that I wanted to offer a year long course on Creative
Abundance! A course meant to help women tap into and re-birth their organic
creative selves. A course with weekly ideas, inspirations, and suggestions for
growing their innate creativity and living their best, most authentic life. A
course that will begin December 21, 2012 on my new on-line art site at
http://www.thecreativeunderground.ning.com titled 52 WEEKS OF CREATIVE

As I sat here this morning, putting the finishing touches on the last
Transformation ART Quilt...I realized that by slowing down, paying attention,
and allowing it to be...I was able to assemble those quilts with great
mindfulness and appreciation for the process...it helped me to remember the joy
in creating...and most importantly that the act of creating creates more

And so, for all of you that participated in our Transformation ART Swap, I want
to say Thank You! Thank you for sharing your creativity with me and the other
gals...and thank you for nurturing that part of your soul that needs to express
itself...and mostly, thank you for putting yourself and your creations out

I hope that everyone enjoys their quilts, and as you hang them on your walls, I
encourage you to spend some time contemplating the power of creative
transformation and the joy in belonging to a creative sisterhood!

Humbly touched by the creative power of transformation,


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Incredible!!!  I loved reading your process and the final product.

What a joy for you and the group that participated.

Peggy Goetz

Thanks Peggy!



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