A Year of HeARTfully Tagged MindFULLness 2017

Join me for my 5th Year of invoking the practice of Creative MindFULLness!  More than a hundred women from all over the globe have been participating in these weekly forays into heARTfelt mindFULLness, colored in creative expression...and we want you to join us as we embark on our 5th year of mindFULL journeying!

The course unfolds weekly, as I share a personal writing on mindFULLness, and my thoughts for invoking the practice of infusing your life with heARTfelt intentions.  During 2017, my writings will center around a weekly quote, intention, or mindFULL definition and will be highlighted with a weekly tag that is ARTed up with the shared quote, definition, or intention.  These weekly projects will be accompanied by a short video lesson or printable pdf files...so you can create your own set of ARTed up tags! 

This course is for you if you are ready to:

  • leave behind stress and anxiety
  • make your Self a priority in your one precious life
  • are looking for inner peace
  • desire something "more", but aren't quite sure what that is
  • wanting to infuse your life with more creativity
  • and desire to ground your Self in a practice that will nurture and sustain you...no matter the circumstances of your crazy life!

Creativity has always been the one thing I could return to again and again...that thing...which allowed me to settle into my own personal place of be-ingness...that place... where I could rest and be comforted in the gentle arms of my own Sacred Self...a practice...where I could open my heART...W I D E...and create space for intentional mindFULLness...and it is my desire to continue sharing that practice with all of you!  

Each Saturday throughout the entirety of 2017 I will pick a quote, definition, or intention to write about.  My weekly writings will be a sharing of my own personal thoughts, struggles, and processes on living a life of HeARTfelt MindFULLness....through this sharing...it is my desire that you will then open your own HeART's to the idea of mindFULLness, and will then invite in and invoke, this practice, in your own Divinely Inspired Life.

I will take the quote, definition, or intention and work it up into a creatively adorned tagged (which you will then be able to hang off of a 12 X24" canvas that depicts the HeARTfully tagged angel that is the main picture of this group).

At the end of 2017...you will have each of the weekly tags hanging from your canvas (off of the attached dowel that hangs at the bottom).    My creative process will be shared via weekly video lessons, pdf files, templates, and supply lists...so that you too may create your own tag.  It is my intention that this creative process and each of the weekly tags..becomes part of a practice that will help to cement and ground the mindFULLness into your be-ingness.  You can place these tags around your home or work environment to remind you to live your life from a place of intentional mindFULLness...or you can hang them off the large canvas, where you can return to them again and again.

At the beginning of this course...you will be gifted with 6 video lessons detailing how I created the HeARTfully Angel on a 12 x 24" canvas...that is over 68 minutes of video lessons with templates!  

Then...beginning on the FIRST Saturday in January 2017...you will receive an email notifying you of my weekly writing, with HeARTfully Tagged MindFULLness creative project, video lessons, pdf files, supply lists, and templates.  As part of a private group...you will be able to visit these writings, watch the videos, comment and share on your practice, and access any other imparted information at your own pace, in a time of your own do-ing, for an unlimited amount of time.  This course unfolds and is shared on a weekly basis...but allows you to access and participate at your own leisure.

The course will unfold in 12 Week Sessions.  At the end of each 12 week session we will take a break from the writings and the creative tags...and I will instead, share a quick creative project that will allow you to enhance and add different ARTful elements to your HeARTfully Tagged Angel Canvas.  There will be 3 such breaks over the course of our year together!

Register before December 15th and receive our Early Discount Pricing of $70 for a Year of HeARTfully Tagged MindFULLness.  This is more than 12% off the regular published price of $80 ...that's just $1.35/week!  To take advantage of this Early Discount Pricing ...please register at this link. 

Or opt for our early registration payment plan...of $25 for 3 months.  You can sign up for the 3 month payment option by registering at this link.

Once we receive notice of your registration you will be sent the link that gives you access to the private class...and you will then be able to watch the videos and start creating your very own HeARTfully Tagged 12 x 24" Angel Canvas!

I am excited about sharing my practice of Creative MindFULLness with each of you...and hope that you will join me...as we prepare to embark on a year of HeARTfully Tagged Mindfulness!



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Comment by Alex S on December 19, 2016 at 7:05am

I just signed up and am excited to get back to my practice of positive intentions.  Thank you Christi!

Comment by Wendy Malek on December 15, 2016 at 11:32am

I took christi's class in 2015 but did not sign up for the 2016 version, and boy-oh-boy was that an error in judgement!  I guess I did not realize how much the weekly writings and then the projects helped me to stay in my zone.  I have a lot of sick and negative people in my life and they can easily pull me down the rabbit hole.  I am so excited to get back on top of things.  I too am grateful for this opportunity.  Thank you Christi for your commitment to being transparent and sharing parts of your life with the rest of us.  It really does help to know I am not alone in my thoughts and struggles.

Comment by Amie T on December 10, 2016 at 9:43am

I just wanted to say how excited I am to participate in this class.  I took the mindfulness course back in 2015 and I was not good at completing all the art projects but I did read the weekly postings and I loved them!  I only wish I had signed up for the 2016 class because I have missed the reminders.  I have a lot of negative people in my life and this past year has me suffering from depression.  Looking back, the mindfulness course gave me hope it helped me to look at my life in a different way.  I would recommend this class to anyone that is suffering.  You may not like art or want to do all the projects (even though they are beautiful and fun when I squeeze them in) but if you take time to read each of the weekly postings I know it will change your life.  Thank you Christy for the effort you put into this.  I am happy to be back and look forward to your writings!


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