Drum Making Summer Solstice Workshop

Drumming has long been recognized as an ancient and sacred  healing tool that connects us to the Source and Spirit of all things.  When you drum...you are aligning your Self with the life force and heARTbeat of Mother Earth.

Join Christi for this 2 day workshop into ceremony and ritual as we mindfully align with the creative life force and heARTbeat of the Great Mother, by making our own natural animal hide drums!  

Picture below, is of Christi's 15" Natural Elk Hide Drum:

The workshop will take place at Christi's home in Fort Collins on the following dates and times:

  • Saturday June 17th, 2017 from 10am-6pm
  • Tuesday June 20th, 2017 from 6pm-10pm  The evening of the Summer Solstice!

Over the course of our two days together, we will create our very own natural animal hide drums while re-connecting to the Spirit of the Earth and gathering in Sacred Community.  The schedule of each days events will unfold as follows:

Saturday June 17th-10am-6pm:  

  • opening circle
  • talk about the practice of drumming and connection to Mother Earth
  • nature walk and sacred element gathering
  • ceremonial infusion
  • sack lunch
  • drum making
  • solo connective journey 
  • naming ceremony and blessing

*participants will have time to walk the labyrinth if they so desire...but this will be a self-directed activity until the gathering on Tuesday June 20th-the night of the Solstice (where we will have a guided Labyrinth walk with our drums).

*please bring the following items for our gathering on Saturday:  2 old towels (bath sized preferred), yoga mat or blanket for sitting/lying upon, appropriate clothing as we will be outside most of the day if the weather permits-dress accordingly!, sack lunch, hat, sunscreen, coat, sunglasses etc.

Light snacks, water, and iced green tea will be available throughout the day.

Tuesday June 20th-6-10pm: 

  • upon arrival participants will begin making their drumming sticks
  • sacred circle
  • drum voice initiation...connecting us to the energies of the Summer Solstice and aligning us with the Spirit and Life Force of all things, through the heARTbeat of our drums and that of the Great Mother
  • drum journey and labyrinth walk
  • a discussion about drum care
  • closing circle

*On Tuesday, the night of the Summer Solstice...please bring your carefully dried drum and dress accordingly as we will be outside...weather permitting.  Light snacks water and green tea will be served.  If you desire a different beverage than those mentioned,  you are welcome to bring it, but please keep in mind the sacred nature of our gathering.

The cost of the 2 day workshop includes all materials to make a drum with the hide of your choice, a drum stick, and light snacks and beverages.  We will be making either 15" or 16" drums that have a round, laminated, maple frame.  

***Maple carries the energy of wisdom and living in balance with Mother Nature and all aspects of the natural world.

You will choose the size and species of animal hide for your drum.  All hides have been gathered humanely and are processed according to mindful and sacred traditions. Let the energies associated with each animal, guide you in choosing the appropriate hide for your drum:

  • Cow-offers generosity, fertility, and nurturing loving energy
  • Deer-brings gentleness, innocence and a loving heart
  • Elk-infuses strength, stamina, and personal power
  • Buffalo-offers abundance and support for all living things
  • Horse-helps us access and use our Spiritual power in wisdom and balance
  • Moose-guides us in embracing and healing our Soul wounds and builds Self Esteem

Cow, Deer, & Elk hides have the highest resonance.  Horse hide is deeper.  And Buffalo and Moose hides provide the deepest resonance when drumming.

Drum Making Fees Are As Follows & Include both days of workshop and materials for drum and stick.  Clicking on the Hide Type and Price below, will re-direct you to paypal where you will be able to order you drum supplies and reserve your spot for this 2 day workshop:

15" DRUM FRAMES: (click on drum style to order & reserve your spot)

16" DRUM FRAMES: (click on drum style to order & reserve your spot)

***Please note that space is limited for this 2 day workshop.  You MUST register and reserve your space by clicking on the links above for the type of drum hide you wish to make.  We can set up a payment plan if you so desire...please contact Christi at 970-690-0473 or through email at queenmaven@yahoo.com.  The last day to reserve your spot and pay for your drum IN FULL is Friday June 2nd.  Any cancellations after the 2nd of June...forfeit all of paid fees.***

We are so excited to be bringing you more opportunities to gather in sacred circle with like minded women while tending to the Highest Aspiration of your Divinely Inspired Self!

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Both days of the workshop will take place at Christi's home, bonfire pit, and sacred labyrinth in Fort Collins, CO.  Directions will be sent a few days prior to gathering for the workshop.  

Christi can be contacted, messaged, or texted at 970-690-0473 with questions or additional details.


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Comment by Jill Cunniff on April 25, 2017 at 1:02pm

I am planning to do this :) Whoot!!! Will officially sign up soon!

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